Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) is participating in the 29th Economic Forum being held in Krynica, Poland. This conference is organized on annual basis and gathers approximately 4,500 international guests, including here political leaders, economic actors and civil society representatives from 60 countries around the world.

The Executive Director of INDEP, Mr. Burim Ejupi, participated as a speaker on two significant panels held in this years conference. In the first panel entitled “Sustainable City = City of the Future”, Mr. Ejupi talked about advocating for sustainable development policies while emphasizing specifically the policies on urban planning, transportation and combating air pollution.

In the second panel, “Modern Policies on Climate and Energy Self-Sufficiency in Regional Countries”, Mr. Ejupi spoke about the role of civil society in Kosovo in opposing previously undertaken policies and advancing the energy sector by promoting renewable energy, efficiency and emission reductions for the creation of a better environment and climate.

The participation of Mr. Ejupi in this conference is part of INDEP’s activities under the programme of sustainable development and regional cooperation.