INDEP Publishes Annual Report 2020

Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) has published the Annual Report 2020, which year also marks the 9th year of INDEP’s work. For 2020, Democratic Governance and Sustainable Development have been the mainstay of INDEP’s activities. This, due to the fact that the pandemic that has lasted throughout 2020 has forced us to work in our third program, Regional Cooperation, with lower intensity.

Despite the difficulties with the pandemic, INDEP has managed to successfully implement 15 projects. As products of these projects, in 2020 INDEP has published 27 Research Papers, 9 in the field of Democratic Governance and 18 other works in Sustainable Development. INDEP held 30 roundtables and workshops with relevant decision-makers, non-governmental organizations and citizens and activists. In 6 public consultations, INDEP has sent its comments based on research, providing concrete recommendations. Our awareness activity was developed mainly through virtual methods, where we implemented 4 different campaigns on social networks with more than 150 infographics and awareness materials, which have been highly successful. In addition, we have launched two platforms: ‘’ and ‘Kosovo Consumer Watchdog’. We have also published 12 informative videos. All of the abovementioned can be found on INDEP’s official Facebook page @InstitutiINDEP on Facebook, @Indepofficial on Instagram, and

The full narrative report can be found here (Available only in Albanian).