The Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) is a think tank and an advocacy centre that provides independent research-based policy solutions.

Established in 2011 as an association of policy analysts, researchers and civil society activists, INDEP looks at regional policies, aiming to guide countries of South-East Europe on their path to Euro-Atlantic integration. In Kosovo, where it is based, the institute has a special focus on strengthening democratic governance and plays the role of public policy watchdog.


To strengthen and guide sustainable socio-political and economic development based on the principles of democracy and democratic values, equal opportunities, social and environmental justice and human rights.



A democratic society, able and willing to run a functional state, integrated in the region and international community.



The work of INDEP is guided by the fundamental principles of transparency and accountability. The institute promotes active citizenship and participation in governance, as well as checks and balances between democratically elected institutions.


The framework of INDEP activities is based on three different, but interrelated, programs that serve as pillars of the institute’s operational structure. The programs are:


Through the Sustainable Development programme, INDEP promotes economic development that advances social and political causes whilst preserving the environment. The programme focuses on the future of economy and energy projects in Kosovo and the region.

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Democratic Governance is a programme where policy research is combined with strong advocacy in ensuring free and fair elections, strengthening rule of law, advancing the freedom of the media and aiding the democratization of political parties.

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Regional Cooperation is a precondition for the countries of Western Balkans in their path to the European Union. INDEP aims to strengthen and promote this cooperation mainly in the fields of security and Euro-Atlantic integrations.

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