Alarming levels of pollution in Obiliq from coal-fired power plants

CEE Bankwatch Network, assisted by the Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) has monitored the area around 2 power plants, Kosovo A and Kosovo B for one month, from February 7, 2020 to March 3, 2020. Data from this month of monitoring shows that pollution from Kosovo A and B Power Plants in many days exceed the allowed limit values of pollution. Specifically, the level of pollution allowed for PM10 was exceeded in 23 of the 26 days monitored, while the limit pollution allowed for PM2.5 was also exceeded in 23 of the 26 days monitored. These levels are extremely dangerous because their effects on the surrounding environment and the population of Obiliq but also beyond, cause severe damage in both health and living life.
This monitoring has also found that emissions from short-term pollution peaks and especially that coming from Kosovo A are much higher overnight after sunset or around midnight, for unknown reasons. Potentially, this pollution could come from turning off the filters overnight in order to increase energy production. Detailed monitoring findings are summarized in the paper at the following link. Click on the link attached here.