INDEP held the second simulation game for gender equality with students of ‘Mihal Grameno’ Primary School in the Municipality of Kosovo Polje

Under the framework of the project ‘Women managers in public sector – facilitating the transformation from a quantitative to a qualitative approach’, INDEP selected as the second municipality to hold the simulation game about gender equality that of Kosovo Polje.

As a beneficiary of this game was ‘Mihal Grameno’ Primary School, which selected 26 pupils who were introduced to the concepts of gender equality and the current situation in Kosovo. The simulation game began by making them think critically about gender equality continuing with a more detailed explanation of the role and position of women in the public sector in Kosovo. The main part of this game took place at the end of the lecture, in which various law articles were presented to the students who were encouraged to find gaps in these articles and at the same time to improve as they think these errors.

This event was organized through the Engagement for Equity Program – E4E, funded by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID Kosovo and implemented by Advocacy Training and Resource Center – ATRC.