INDEP part of the Progressive Leadership Program 2020

Dora Musa, Junior Researcher at the Institute for Development Policy (INDEP) is participating in the Progressive Leadership Program, 2020 edition on the topic “The Role of Young Political Leaders in Energy Transition, Climate Change and Social Sustainability”. This seminar is being held in Belgrade, Serbia from September 24 to 27, organized by Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.
The purpose of this seminar is to denote climate change and the energy transition of the global and regional policy framework and introduce new leaders to the key facts and policy instruments developed on a global, EU and also of the Community of Energy level. This seminar will also include examples of implementation of the abovementioned in the regional context. Ms. Musa is taking part in this seminar within the Sustainable Development programme of INDEP. She has spoken about the work that INDEP is doing in Kosovo on a national level in this regard and also about the situation in Kosovo with the transition of energy and public policies fighting climate change.