Burim Ejupi

Executive Director

The primary fields of operation for Burim Ejupi are general management and finance with policy expertise in elections and political party democratization and training.

Learta Hollaj

Operational Manager/Senior Researcher

With an academic background in economics and legal studies, Learta Hollaj is the operational manager of the Institute and contributes to it through research and analysis in Sustainable Development and Regional Cooperation programs.

Dardan Abazi

Program Manager / Senior Researcher

With a background in political science, Dardan Abazi has long experience in public policy with special emphasis on monitoring legislation in the field of energy, parliamentary research and advocacy. Dardan is certified by the Life Academy for Energy Efficiency and Planning and has participated in dozens of training on democratic governance, European integration and public policy in general.

Amir Kozmaqi

Financial Manager and Head of Administration

With a background on economy, Amir is the Financial Manager and Head of Administration of INDEP. In addition, Amir contributes to the Institute with economic analysis specifically regarding analysis of capital investments.

Dora Musa

Research assistant

Graduated in economics, management and public policy intertwined with her interest in the energy sector; Dora contributes to the Institute's Sustainable Development Program through research and analysis.

Fatbardha Restelica

Research assistant

With academic backgrounds in the field of English Language and Literature, Fatbardha provides linguistic assistance as a translator and interpreter. It also contributes to the Institute with data collection and research.

Andi Spahiu

Financial assistant

While pursuing his studies for Bank Finances, Andi supports the organization with the proper flow of financial documents, inside and outside the office. Andi is also in charge for the office management and logistics.

Donikë Beqiri

Research assistant

As a political science graduate, Donika contributes to the Institute for Development Policy, with data collection, analysis and research in the Sustainable Development and Democratic Governance program.