The Importance of Civil Society Organization Involvement in the Work of Assembly of Republic of Kosovo

ince 2012, INDEP monitors the work of some of the parliamentary committees of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo. So far, INDEP has successfully participated in the drafting of various normative acts with concrete recommendations arising from extensive research, active participation in public consultation processes and other platforms. Additionally, through continued engagement, INDEP has managed to create genuine cooperation with central institutions, one of them being the Assembly of Kosovo.

In order for this expertise, the approach used over the years towards this institution and lessons learned, to be passed on to other civil society organizations, last month, INDEP has brought together representatives of various nongovernmental organizations profiled in various fields which had the chance to learn more about the opportunities, tools and methods for contributing to the work of the Assembly.
Methods are and tools exist, so only the will, cooperation and engagement of civil society organizations in the areas they cover are needed.

This event was held in the framework of INDEP’s program on democratic governance and the project “Empowered Assembly for effective, need-responsive and inclusive development policies and lawmaking” supported by National Endowment for Democracy (NED).